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So much is written these days. And really, what is written is not pen to paper, but finger to key. While the typewriter was a vehicle to allow for "readability" and economy, it was typical that a writer would first put the ink to the paper and then have the material typed after edits and drafts were perfected. The day the IBM selectric typewriter became available with correction tape, was the day of the beginning of the death of ink to paper. And so it as progressed to the point where ink to paper is almost but not quite dead. So what? You might ask. The quickness with which a thought can be assimilated to paper via a word processor makes the words on the paper "processed". And with that processed form, we can now see why great literature is all but impossible in this era of instant gratification of "writers" of seeing their work on paper in crisp paragraph form. But what of the clarity of thought? We would have much clearer renditions of thought to paper