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It has come upon us in an expected unexpected flash.   We are within its sphere of gravity. It is a world in which “everything” has become of paramount importance because every event is apparently “proximate” in what I call this world of the “new idolatry.” And so we have become a world of gossipers and unwary exhibitionists upon these new articles of worship that presents us with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.   The internet and satellite communications have presented to our faces the most horrific stories in graphic detail. The resulting chatter about those stories is firmly implanted in the palm of our hands. The mostly negative vibrations over time quickly desensitize us from the originating pain, suffering, trauma, and shock suffered by the now one dimensional “peeps”   inside the screen to which our eyes appear to be seamlessly mesmerized. New words have been invented such as “blogs”, “aps”, “peeps,” ‘flash mobs”, “tweeting”, “texting” and even “sexting