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Uncomplicated Sanctuary: The Human Tabernacle

I suppose for a writer it's not too cool to be redundant. Words can be used too much. Using the same word more than once is a sign, perhaps, that the vocabulary needs to be expanded. But that's not necessarily always so. Some words are unique and carry with them such a singular significance that used more than once, go to the heart of what a writer means. Tabernacle is one of those words.To the heart of it -- a woman named Priscilla O. She is a unique tabernacle in a little town north of where I live. But before I tell you a little bit about Priscilla O., I want you to envision a biblical parallel to not only who she is, but what she is.When I first saw Priscilla O., I could not help but think of Moses' reaction when he saw the exquisite flame, unquenchable upon the unromantic looking chamisa-like bush that was uncomsumable; its fuel apparently, inexhaustible. It would be ironic if the "burning bush" indeed was a Chamisa or Rabbitbrush plant.  The New York Times d

Tabernacle: First Day at Work

At the place I work, there is a special place with walls that harmonize in quietude and peace. Rich with tranquil pageantry. The king's throne room. I walked into work for the first time after four years of wondering what my purpose in life would be. Would be? And in all that wondering of what would be, I failed to see the purpose my life already held in those singular and irreplaceable present moments. Imagine! Four years of present moments gone by at a clip. They were four years of no real routine. Of those four years, the last two were the least routine, yet all the same and filled with adventure. Only sometimes, I failed to see the adventure in the challenge of being charged with caring for a man and woman who are a source of blessing and inspiration in the precious present moments of my past and even now. But I digress. Back on topic, at this place, there are many cubicles and fancy offices, hallways, a lunch room and typical office traffic. The place has a unique characte