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Dr. Curtis Boyd, Abortionist: the Tower of Abortive Choice, Anarchy, and the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Introduction: The Hanging Chad of the Unborn              A lbuquerque, New Mexico’s Dr. Curtis Boyd, is a cult hero to some. To others he is the devil incarnate. Boyd is an abortionist. He performs third trimester and even partial birth abortions as it is legal within the Albuquerque city limits.  Tragically, when the issue was submitted as a referendum to the citizenry of this predominantly Hispanic Catholic city, ashamedly, it passed. I am told by Elisa Martinez, Executive Director of the New Mexico Alliance for Life that Boyd’s very modest and unspectacular looking clinic in the center of town will often have its tree-lined asphalt parking lot full with the license plates hailing from far flung states and even other countries.             B oyd unabashedly proclaims his pride that this predominantly Catholic city is considered the number one partial birth abortion capital of the United States. Ironically, even though the laws allow for Boyd to practice his specialty, he remain