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The Luce Letters: The Devil's Take on Conscience Saying: " C.S. Lewis Had Me Wrong!"

The Devil writes to me once again after he has pondered my published comments: Dear Deacon,             You really disappoint me. I am not a crook. I am not a schemer. Yes, I have always been in the shadows. That is why I do like bureaucratic settings. I am just the guy in the next cubicle. I am safe from all the apocalyptic paranoia about my intentions. In the quiet shadows, there is nothing like water cooler drama to make me laugh and blush.             My stealthiness is not my choice.   I obey those certain powers. They govern nature and the universe. I am no different than, let’s say a whirlwind or an “earth-tide.” Yet, I am accused of being a cyclonic rebellious spirit. Didn’t I have the right to ask “why?” And after my “why,” I suddenly found myself marginalized by jealous Judases of my own species. They threw me out. It’s complicated, but there was no God to ostracize me. Wouldn’t a real God have “come to my assistance” as the Psalms elude. Blame the “theory of e