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Suicide: Finding the X Factor that Treats the Soul

Robyn Williams shocked the world. Who knows why Robyn jumped from the brink of the precipice, that high rock of despair. He did know one thing. By taking such action, he would end his heart beat; his lungs would breathe no more.   He knew this. I have had good friends jump from the same brink. Most recently, my friend, Steve jumped. His life with the woman of his dreams and their six children ended in a divorce. This rendered my young friend alone in an apartment paid for by his soon to be ex-wife without the life he previously knew and the children he raised as a stay at home dad. It rendered him “difficult to employ” because of the measure of years he spent unemployed by choice. Add to that medications meant for other purposes, alcohol, it becomes easy to come to the conclusion that perhaps it’s better if you fall asleep and never wake up. Fame does not make suicide more acceptable or even understandable. Suicide is not ok. There may be no culpability in the moral sense bec