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Cristina is Not Dorothy and There is No Place Called Home

Part II -  Christina is a Powerful Name On all the occasions I have met people, I have sensed that there is "power" in a name. Perhaps that is the purpose of the act of naming. In the Book of Genesis, God "empowers" Adam to name all the creatures. There is something in a name that gives it more than identity but whether by accident, coincidence, or even Divine providence, I have come to the conclusion that a name that befalls upon a person was "meant" for that person. So Christina, who is not Dorothy looking for Kansas, is actually someone else. She is someone more invisible and who blends in better than the horse of a different color, or even any munchkin in munchkin land. In this emerald city, Christina is blessed to have a name that denotes a heart connection with one who is "anointed". And just what does this mean? If you read part I of this blog, you will know that if anything, Christina has been indeed anointed with suffering, disaster,