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The Ethics of the Unlocked Door

The door was not locked. It was closed. A housekeeper  babysitting  a 2 year old looked up suddenly as she felt a cold breeze. Someone unexpected had come through the back door.  Someone  had walked through the unlocked backyard fence gate and entered the unlocked back door of the house.  The man  stood there  well-dressed  but confused  and disoriented , eyes dancing to and fro . And then things changed in an instant. The man’s color changed from pale to  flush  red. His pupils enlarged and he started demanding the housekeeper and child get out of his house.  In utter fear at the surprise guest, t he housekeeper grabbed the little one; grabbed a coat and backed out through the garage entrance. She immediately went to the  neighbor’s  home where she frantically grasped at her cell phone to call 911.  It turns out the man had walked away from a rest home. He was a dementia patient. Somehow in his mind the house he invaded looked like memories in his mind. To him this was  not an