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Good and Evil Like Soup and Sandwich

M y pen-pest, Luce, gave me some rambling advice last week regarding the entire hubbub going on in the world. He touched on Pope Francis, gay marriage, the end of the world, the Planet Nibiru and the ancient question of tasting evil. He writes: Dear Deacon: I am so happy that the world is evolving the way it is. I like the way Pope Francis says something and it seems to morph into what I like. I like the fact that it upsets some and gladdens others. Isn’t that the essence of fun? It’s like a great food fight.   The supreme court is very much “dead on” regarding allowing people to be happy in their choice of life partners and I love the fact that the Church, while seeming to hold to its antiquated stand, embraces the rainbow of love that you all have wanted since my first conversation with Eve in the garden. You know, as Pope Francis said, “who am I to judge!” I’ll be in Philly when he comes hoping his words will continue to be taken hostage for the good of my oppressed. I’