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Life: Pinata Parties, Catastrophes and Eucatastrophes

Before I get to my surprise, you will have to wade through this mess of thoughts, unless of course, you cheat and skip over it and go to the end. I wouldn't blame you cause that is probably what I might do. But then again, I might just wade through the cherry jello to get to the slice of banana. You truly cannot appreciate the slice of the banana unless you taste it with the jello. Life is a Pinata Party Truly living life is a giant pinata party. We bang the thing blindfolded. We sense its swing; feel the brush against our hair, and so we take a whack again. Again, we do a round-about and swing; and we can hear the rope pull the pinata zipping up and down as if it were alive and trying to escape our baton's collision. And then suddenly, with that mysterious crack like close lightening, a shower of sweet delights rain down upon our head. Pinatas are interesting because they represent our desire to conquer the "seven deadly sins:" Pride, envy, anger, sloth, g

Uncomplicated Healings

I cannot describe the moment to you from an on lookers perspective. I cannot give you the particulars of what it looked like for me to plummet down twelve feet from a roof to a concrete floor, perhaps hitting two hard plastic chairs on the way down. I can't even say that there is a slow motion instant replay version of this in my mind. No one was there to film my misstep onto an old aluminum ladder which collapsed with me on it; and down I went humpty-dumpty like with a crash of metal bending and twisting, concave, and after it all, leaning haphazard against the stucco walls of my father in law's house. I'd never anticipated any moment like this. If the flame of a candle could possibly have any self consciousness, and if that flame could consider its own extreme extrinsic contingency, (how its life might be eradicated by an unpredictable rush of an immense wind blitzing against its dancing delicate light against the night sky), that is how my "sucked up" sense of