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Immersed in the Water of Each Other

(For those who have read my blog before, I am announcing that The Las Cruces Bulletin has agreed to publish my work as a column about once a month. I was asked to write an introductory column and asked to give it a name. Well, I chose -- Dwelling Places. I could think of no better name for my ramblings, contemplations, and gleanings and whatever is published in the Bulletin I will of course post on this blog by the same name. So the post below is my introductory column to an unsuspecting public. Wish me well. -- dtb)    In the Cecil B. DeMille classic, “The Ten Commandments,” the banished Moses (Charleston Heston), wanders for weeks in the desert. Moses eventually finds “strength from a fruit-laden palm tree...and life-giving water flowing from the well of Midian.” In his deep dulcet measured cadence Heston’s Moses says: “I am a stranger in a strange land. I have no wealth, no skill as a shepherd, and it is death to give sanctuary to a runaway slave.” A sheik of Midian, Jethro,