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What's in Luce's Favor? The Devil Responds

Dearest Deacon Tom: You are pretty brash to confront me directly. Everyone mistakes me for the enemy. Not true! Actually, I am swirling around you in an effort to keep you from deluding yourselves. The delusion is there is some great messiah who will somehow come and rescue your species from what seems to be an inevitable and incurable tendency to self-destruction. My solution has always been the same: power, honor, riches, and pleasure are good for success. It’s when you think they are vices that your world unravels. For hells sake let me make this a better world for you. I can demonstrate the key to having the greatest life you can. You just have to trust me. I tell no lies. But now I'm being blamed for what you call atrocities in the Middle East.   I am not the author of political correctness when it comes to radical Islam; I think the author is some former graduate of Harvard who I really can’t claim credit for simply because he’s accomplished a lot on his own and doing