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“Project Oak Tree: the Reasonableness of Virtue

    Project Oak Tree, is a Las Cruces based project which demonstrates the virtue of “hospitality” to the lost, the forgotten, the immigrant fleeing from violence and poverty in their homelands. The project gets its name from the story in the book of Genesis where Abraham hospitably welcomes three strangers. He had no idea who they really were. They could have been angels, the Holy Trinity, men from outer space, or whatever appeals to you if you are a Scientologist.   He welcomes them by the “shade of an oak tree” and decides to set up tents for each of them. He asks his wife, Sara, to bring them refreshment as they must have come a long way in the sandy desert.   In this sense Bishop Cantu’s overture in behalf of the Church is not a political statement, but rather a recognition of the God created dignity of all human beings. Borders do not attenuate dignity. Poverty does not attenuate dignity. And our country can claim it’s overabundance not by our own efforts to acquire or grasp