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The Devil Espouses “High Road” Rhetoric

M y supposed friend Luce has inconveniently reappeared for Lent. You know Luce, aka “The Devil.” His latest missive was jubilant and triumphant over the three most important words in the human language beginning with the letter “c”: namely, confusion, confusion, and confusion. He makes some interesting points. He writes: D ear Deacon: I had not written to you lately because I was devastated that the revolution over the election was not carried out to my specifications. Yes, my moles in the media have tried and tried and they keep trying to create and as Shakespeare wrote: “ Cry havoc, let loose the dogs of war .” From what I can surmise, your own efforts to take a more measured approach and guide the individual are failing as each of those individuals are caught up in the raw emotion of all this moral and political panoply of confusion.  Ahhh, I love so many words in the mishmash of a language called English and that is why I hate the utter precision of the Latin langu