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The Devil is In the Details: The Luce Letters

            How would “the devil” communicate and sell his wares to the public? How would he market his products? I’ll wax philosophical later, but I thought I’d share over time a series of letters written by the Devil to convince me and the readers to consider rethinking our general critiques of his utility to the world. These letters are not unlike those once written by the likes of C.S. Lewis in his Screwtape Letters . I thought it best if in my version of devil letters, that he would communicate directly to me as a potential recruit for his forces. The first of the letters is as follows:   Dear Deacon Tom: You have no idea how much I have wanted to get in touch with you. You see there are misunderstandings about me and the rumor mill of course seems to me to be a bit unfair and my dignity seems to be affected. I want to begin sharing with you my frustrations and thoughts so that we can, at some point, be on the same page. I know you have some preconceived ideas concernin