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Beatific Vision: Sanctifying Drops of Rain

Time moves as fast as a rain drop falls from a thunderstorm. I had never realized until today just how fast a drop of rain falls. It moves more like a bullet fired from a high caliber firearm. Billions of drops strike and splash the ground in random cadence. Natural syncopation. A mere drop of water is a "lifetime-uneventuality" moving in the rain drop, like a soul being born for purpose and yet unpredicted in the human sense. The drop of life is not time itself. Time is only duration. A life, on the other hand, is the the very construct of the rain drop itself, its size, its sheen, its purity, its heavyness or substance, or even, its "ontological essence." I know, "too many syllables." Yup. My self advice is to ditch Platonic and Augustinian philosophical constructs and write about what is, um, "real". So today, at the Diocese of Las Cruces Pastoral Center, as I contemplated life through the Venetian blinds of the coffee room, out the pane of