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Drenched in Baptism

We are in awe of magnificent sunrises. We cherish crisp spring mornings, fragrant purple jonquils swaying in breezes, effervescent dew trickling, tickling velvet-like petals. We sense vibrance in buzzing bees and fluttering humming birds – indescribably magnificent things. But equally glorious are sunsets that are looked upon with a certain hope of a coming tomorrow. However, sunsets, though beautiful, remind us of the “end of things.” Dusk reminds us of the inevitability of our lives’ own sunsets. Our repetitive circular-like existence finally ends. No more sunrises. We live “from the rising of the sun to its setting” (Psalm 113:3) in a solar system of predictability, of rotations and revolutions, of the law of entropy. The death of things is a calculation of the second law of thermodynamics. Civilizations have called this wheel of time the circle of life. But, what if life is not really a closed circle, but rather more like an open spiral? What if life is really a dynamic up