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Self-Giving: Its Own Reward

Brenda is 80 years old. She had come to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Las Cruces to ask for help in relocating from a substandard insect-infested living arrangement. When relocating to Las Cruces for health reasons, Brenda was not aware of the shortage of subsidized housing, and that waiting lists were long. Her only alternative was to cut a deal with a substandard motel for a weekly rate that almost completely ate up her fixed income. Getting around the City was also difficult for Brenda. She had access only to public transportation further limiting her subsidized housing options. Brenda braced herself each day for the many unknowns. There were the doctors, the prescription needs, the food needs, and clothing needs. Then there was the loneliness and the distance from far away friends and family. She remembers vividly the nights of unidentifiable frightening noises, the drunken screaming, the raucous laughter, all increasing Brenda's anxiety. W hen I told Brenda "y