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An Exit Poll Before Judgment Day

Judgment day was set for the day after the great election. But before the final moment would arrive, the Almighty sent a pollster to do some exit polling. The Almighty had been plugging for citizens to appeal to their sense of right and wrong before exercising their choices. The Almighty’s penchant for recalling the past, to His chagrin, always led him to that fateful first election in paradise when there were only two voters. He had done the first exit poll of the first two voters. With judgment day on the horizon, this time around, it was clear that the Almighty would have to send a pollster. So the following is a discussion that took place between a pollster from the Almighty and an unsuspecting voter. Pollster: So tell me who did you vote for? Candidate Y or Candidate X? Voter: I voted for Candidate Y: Pollster: Why? Voter: Y is a representative of choice; of liberty; and that there is nothing that should get in the way of freedom to make the decisions without interference