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Enigmatic Essay on Immigration, Alienation, and Disolution, a Poetic-Proseic Prophesy

A friend asked the question as to how we prioritize all the cases of immigrants and poor people we help, particularly the ones that have immigrated because of violence in their homeland. These people have nothing but the clothes on their back; their families or parts of them have been brutally murdered or kidnapped, and they run for their lives. They get here only to be treated to incarceration and if lucky something called humanitarian parole. They must have a way to pay the ... fees for work visas; no visa, no work; no work, no food or shelter. So how do we prioritize the cases of suffering and poverty regardless of cause? What about the ones we turn away for lack of resources?  All of this bespeaks the whole question of "immigration policy" in the United States, the need to not reform, but rather "rethink", "reestablish anew" and "implement a humanitarian approach" this issue. My friend's question about how human beings are to treat ot