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His Hand's Afoot! A Poemic-flection

Explosiv-isness. God's-afoot! Old Toaster popping wise; A burned up slice of life until ... Synapses' fireworks' smokes Cascaded "pillow-Pows" will Up-vent firecracking, "wows" Sky's pronoun(ce)mications index finger sayin "higher still" Blacken-voidish denim canvas Sistine like, frescoracle, a trill, A destiny, a dubble helix sleep  Ahhh! Delphi truths-a-wonder God's-afoot! Myst-tree flame-frill. Tom Baca (2014 January) About the PHOTO: April 6, 2009--A new x-ray image has revealed an unusual hand-shaped nebula that brings a whole new meaning to the expression "reach for the stars." NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory recently snapped this shot of energetic particles streaming from a pulsar—the rapidly rotating core left behind after a very massive star exploded as a supernova. Known as B1509, the pulsar is thought to be about 1,700 years old and lies roughly 17,000 light-years from Earth. The tiny pulsar is ju

The Lady of All Nations

This will be a Marian year. Wait and see. She will be proclaimed the Lady/Mother of all Nations, coredemptrix, mediatrix, advocate. Why? It is fitting, it is within Gods power and design ... therefore it is so and will be proclaimed so ... ... soon. And we have a Pope who offers the gift of surprise. One would have expected this dogma come during the pontificate of John Paul II, and perhaps even Benedict XVI, but it would be totally unexpected from Francis I. Yet I believe it is very possible. It is the famed proof for the Immaculate Conception given to us by Franciscan, Blessed John Duns Scotus, O.F.M., (doctor subtilis) which is the secret proof for the last and final Marian dogma. The word Coredemptrix makes some uneasy as though co is equal. It is meant to indicate the "participative" nature of our existential (in time and space) redemption. Mary's was the simultaneous (not equal) first cooperation between creation and the creator since preternatural (prior to th