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Lincoln and the Real Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day something happens inside the soul of a mother and father. The quickening of the heart, the immediate sense of euphoria, and the propensity for the face to break into a profound smile are all the result of the moment parents see their children after they have been gone for considerable time. The radiance of the moment of reunion is a real phenomenon, and though emotionally driven, these sensations provide for us an example of what "Thanksgiving" looks like. The turkey, the dressing, and even the pumpkin pie are peripheral aspects of the "internal feast" celebrated by those who come together as family and as friends. Strip away the expectations that parents have for their children. Strip away past conflicts. Strip away all of the examples wherein the children disappoint their parents and what you have is the child laid bare and as naked as they were when they were born. It is this child on the doorstep, returning after a time away, perhaps like t