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An Anthropological Reflection of the Church’s Sexual Scandal: Assuaging God for the Rape of Abel

         T he kind of penitence that must take place to move the Church away from the precipice of destruction is the kind that comes from a much deeper well of ancient understandings of man who is flesh and spirit. We must mine the deeper understandings concerning how God reacted to more than just individual transgressions. We must also try to fathom the implications of national sins, corporate sins, as well as national and corporate penitence.  Where individual and corporate sin is present, visible and visceral individual and corporate penitence must serve to counteract the suffocating air of accusations, calls for penalties, and the general tendencies of an accusative “group-think” to pick up a stones and hurl them indiscriminately at individual or corporate scapegoats. [1][2][3] That undefinable “Thing”  Beneath Our Beds             I n the meantime, an undefinable “thing” lies beneath the beds of all -- hoping to ignite the devil’s ultimate nuclear weaponry – fear an