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Come Let Us Reason Together

It is very interesting how we a human beings like to "lump" or "categorize" or "aggregate" individual souls into groups by virtue of one or two or even a few variables in their behavior, some good and some bad. Unfortunately, "aggregation" also has the effect of depersonalizing individuals to the point that eventually they end up in one of two camps like the 99% or the 1% or even making a "collect ive" of the "rich" and "the poor." I say, if you are able to name them, then it would be easier to unmask our sense of hidden dislike or like and then make decisions accordingly regarding how to relate to them.   But how does one relate to a group of "the poor"? or "the rich"? I have friends who are wealthy and successful from an economic standpoint and conversely friends who are not so successful or prosperous from an economic perspective. I think "aggregation" is something to be left to