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The Devil's Disparate Desparateness

Dear Deacon Tom: I gather you were not too pleased with my last response. However, I don’t aim to be popular (at least not on the surface of things.) Things are heating up in the world today. Even so, I try my best to influence your species to do “the right thing”. So before you “write me off”, please know I am very persistent. I’m a pest so to speak. How can I convince you to join the world crowd in accepting the inevitable “new world order” within your souls? They can’t all be wrong. You ask: “And what is that new world order?” Well I am here to tell you that the new world order is not reflected on CNN or Fox News, but rather it’s in the palm of your hands. It’s in every Facebook message, text or email you receive. It’s in every dollar that is paid over the internet. It’s in every sense of security that you have when you conduct your business in Myber (Cyber) Space. Agreements no longer depend upon a human handshake, solemn oaths, written contracts with real signatures, and face