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Dignity of Mary, Co-Redemptrix, a God-Poured Design and Destiny: What Would John Duns Scotus Argue?

Introduction: Demoting the One Raised up by God In December of 2018, Pope Francis remarked that neither Mary, the mother of Jesus, nor Joseph were born saintly. Immediately, the pope’s comments evoked widespread consternation in the blogosphere perhaps Francis in some cryptic way was denying or diminishing the Blessed Mother’s conception without sin affecting a denial of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. My article, Mary the Perfected Witness – Achieving Our Saintly Destiny in a World of Choices (HPR March 28, 2019), demurs that Pope Francis made his comments innocently perhaps focused in the life experience of the blessed mother as fraught with difficult challenges thereby somehow increasing her holiness over time.   Nevertheless, over the past year, Pope Francis’ cumulative record regarding statements regarding the importance of Mary within the context of Soteriology, has come to the forefront causing me to rethink my original defense of the holy father.